TUC'S | Potable Water | Waste Water Removal Services

The water services at TUC’s have been nourishing the growth and prosperity of the Fort McMurray region for over 20 years. In turn, the spirit of the region has nourished us. This is our home, and we share the same values as the people here – loyal, hard-working and independent – and the same dreams to see our community thrive.

Part of the Tuccaro Group, Tuc’s is the trusted source for essential potable water and wastewater services in the region. We also help provide other essentials to the Fort McMurray region, like opportunity, employment and pride. We started as a private, aboriginal owned Fort McMurray company and today, we remain a 100% locally owned Fort McMurray company.

Tuc’s is committed to helping the Fort McMurray region thrive. Our extensive fleet operates 24/7 and allows for high volume delivery and removal, so you will never have to worry about your water issues again. Since 1994, many of the region’s leading companies have counted on us for their potable water and wastewater services, including CIVEO, Nexen Inc., CNRL Horizon, MacKay River, Husky Sunrise and many lodge and camp operations in the region.

As the world’s energy capital, Fort McMurray is vital to Canada’s future. We are proud to play our role in leading the region to a bright and prosperous future.

Leading Safety Performer

The health and safety of our employees and the environment is a top priority. This value resides within the core operating principles of the company as well as within the hearts and minds of our employees.

Tuc’s has been a COR (Certificate of Recognition) certified member of the Alberta Construction Safety Association since 2003. As well, Tuc’s is a participating member in good standing of all major contractor management programs.

Additional affiliations: WCB, ACSA, Partnerships in Injury Reduction, ISNetworld, Avetta (formerly PICS Auditing), Complyworks, CQN


Keyano College, United Way, 2016 Western Summer Games, Syncrude Boreal Open, NAABA