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Thank You

May 19, 2016

On behalf of the management at Tuccaro Group I want to thank all of the workers that continue to provide support and essential services. This is not an easy time and I appreciate everyone’s resolve. Although we are operating under challenging conditions our employees have demonstrated their adaptability and ingenuity.

For those employees that are displaced and not a part of the initial recovery and re-start operation, this is perhaps an even more difficult situation. Temporary lay-offs are affecting a number of workers that want to provide help and assistance. We are indebted to your patience and continued support. Our preparedness to return you to work is a continuing priority and we are committed to re-introduce you as soon as conditions allow.


TUC’S Super-B delivers water to Fire Unit ‘Goliath’, Aostra Road, Noralta Lodge

I want to thank all of the families, partners and friends that continue to provide support to our workers. This fire may have set us back but it has united us. We have talented, resilient, hard working people in this Group and we will bounce back stronger than ever.

Craig Jenkins, COO

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